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The Best Time To Go To Morocco For Every Kind Of Vacation

Morocco is first-class visited in the fall and spring. But due to the state’s varied topography, every season has its personal beauty. The highlands of the Atlas Mountains experience great warmth in April, May, and September through November.

Travelers from the northern hemisphere swarm to North Africa in the course of the balmy months of October thru April, hoping to keep away from the prolonged winters in North America or Europe. Over the last months of the yr, Morocco is in excessive demand from both domestic travelers—especially the ones heading alongside the coast in July and August—and foreign tourists taking advantage of package holiday offers and outdoor pursuits like hiking, surfing, kiteboarding, golfing, and music.

Here’s a guide to the right instances to tour to Morocco, no matter your reasons for journeying: the solar, surf, wind sports, outdoors, local gala’s, or rich cultural historical past.

Editor’s note: A 6.8-magnitude earthquake that slammed vital Morocco on September eight, 2023, usually struck the Atlas Mountains and the vicinity southwest of Marrakesh. Other regions of the kingdom, which includes Fez, remain in general unaffected; nevertheless, for up to date information, we propose traffic to test announcements and reliable local information resources. In this article speak about The nice time to go to Morocco for each form of holiday…

September is the best month for weather and fewer crowds

September is a super time to go to due to the fact both domestic and foreign traffic go back to work and school following their August summer holiday. Long, vibrant days, moderate seas, and peaceful seashores signify the modern-day pleasant climate. Additionally, it’s a top notch time to see the cultural sights of coastal towns like Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Tetouan, and Essaouira. Inland, September can nonetheless be very hot in Marrakech and the neighboring areas.

September to November and March to May are the best times to visit Marrakesh

Go to Marrakesh within the spring or fall for bright days with moderate temps. If you aren’t in love with air conditioning and a hundred°F temperatures, live faraway from June to August. With the Atlas Mountains’ staggering snow-protected backdrop, winter is a non violent time to explore the city out of doors of the Christmas excursion. However, nights from December to February can be chilly, in particular in riads (courtyard residences) with out critical heating.

Spring and fall are the best times to visit the Sahara Desert

You may additionally go to Morocco’s share of the Sahara Desert in consolation among May and October, avoiding the summer time’s scorching warmness and the winter’s bitterly bloodless nights. If you visit in the summer season, be aware that most desolate tract campgrounds near from June to August because of the intense warmth, with temperatures accomplishing above 100°F. On the other hand, the iciness months of December through February have shorter days and frequently very bloodless evenings and early mornings, particularly if you sleep outside.

Beautiful things show up within the spring, like camel births and a inexperienced blanket of wild rocket growing on the dunes. Saharwians are familiar with sandstorms, which manifest from January to May. To defend your face from the sun and sand, don a Tuareg scarf like them.

Spring and fall are also great times to hike in the High Atlas Mountains

The fine time to hike the Atlas Mountains will rely on your level of health and your tolerance for issue. Hiking is viable all 12 months spherical in the High Atlas vicinity, despite the fact that the high-quality months to go hiking are April thru June and September via November because of the mildest weather. The M’Goun Valley comes alive in May during the Festival des Roses in case you show up to visit.

Be geared up for the changing seasons. You might be tenting in subfreezing conditions in case you climb Mount Toubkal among November and June, so that you would possibly require snowshoes. The snow melts from July to October, and the elevation offers a much-wanted reprieve from the summer season warmth of other components of Morocco.

Spring and fall are the best seasons for birdwatching in Morocco

At many places across the kingdom, migratory birds are seen making their manner to and from Africa and Europe all through the moderate spring and fall seasons. Oualidia is the satisfactory region in the coast for birdwatching; each resident and migratory waterbird species discover refuge in its tranquil lagoon. The Lake Takerkoust area and the Ourika Valley are of the various beautiful places in the High Atlas location wherein you can see migratory birds in flight. Additionally, migratory birds are attracted to Souss-Massa National Park. These birds congregate right here in good sized portions both previous to and at some stage in their Atlantic crossings.

The best time for surfing is October to March

The Moroccan coast stories its maximum consistent Atlantic swell during the wintry weather. The largest waves arise in December through February, drawing surfers to Taghazout, Mirleft, Sidi Ifni, and other places on Morocco’s west coast. Taghazout is a colourful hub of surf culture, maintaining primary contests just like the World Surf League in January and February, as well as an annual surf expo in October.

Travel from June to November, whilst situations are perfect for beginning and intermediate surfers, in case you favor to surf in milder, mellower waves. Due to the seasonal alternate, May can sometimes be windy; but, that is particularly limited to the afternoons, so you can nevertheless catch some waves in the morning.

December to February is the season for skiing in Morocco

The High Atlas peaks are dusted with snow within the useless of iciness, making them perfect for skiers who might as an alternative ski down a mountain than trek up one. Skiing could be a remarkable addition on your North African vacation, but the major snowboarding areas, Oukaimeden and Ifrane, are available in spite of the snow’s capability to reason dangerous driving conditions and road closures.

Christmas and New Year is best for celebrations and parties

Celebrate the vacations with epic events in Marrakesh and different well-known locations for tourists and international citizens. However, from December 22 to January 7, which might be the busiest travel intervals, accommodations charges rise exceptionally. There might also be a few neighborhood celebrations at some stage in the primary week of January considering that Yennayer, the Amazigh New Year, falls at the moment.

Come during winter or Ramadan to experience Morocco without the crowds

Although December to February may be chilly and rainy, particularly inside the north, winter is a top notch time to explore the city and its way of life without the crowds. Additionally, observe that the dates of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, are problem to change yearly. This extensive yearly celebration is a serene and contemplative second to visit Morocco; while many restaurants close throughout the day, motel eating places stay open.

Enjoy Anti-Atlas hikes and blossom-filled valleys from February to April

If you would instead hike in decrease altitudes and keep away from snow-capped summits, you can want to discover the Anti-Atlas mountain variety. It’s the time of year for non violent trekking paths, wildflowers, and tree blooming in spring. Tafraoute hosts an annual almond blossom party in February or March, relying on when the bushes flower and while the harvest happens.

April to September is the best time for kitesurfing and wind sports

Because of the thermal impact along the Moroccan coast, high winds are predictable all through this season. However, 12 months-spherical kitesurfing and windsurfing are made possible by using steady change winds from the Atlantic and a number of flat water regions around Essaouira and Dakhla. Every 12 months, near the give up of September, Dakhla hosts an worldwide kitesurfing match that attracts athletes and spectators from all around the international.

June to September are the best months for music events and festivals

With bands and performers packing venues across the usa, Morocco’s long summer season nights and days make it the right area for outdoor music fairs. The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music (which takes vicinity from June to September), the Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira in June, the Asilah Festival in July and October, and Jazzablanca in Casablanca in June are a number of the fine fairs to capture. After a 3-12 months smash, Rabat’s Mawazine, that’s regarded as the most important pageant inside the world, is scheduled to go back in 2024. Make reservations far earlier and be ready to pay greater for lodging close to activities.

July and August in Morocco are best spent on the coast

While summer time temperatures can upward thrust a long way above a hundred°F inland, cooler winds and foggy fog keep them at 80°F around the Atlantic shore. August is a popular month for home travelers because of Agadir, Dakhla, and Essaouira because of the lengthy, sunny days and beaches that are patrolled by way of lifeguards.

Even even though the Moroccan sun is severe, it’s easy to locate seaside parasols and included outside seats, and the sea is calmer and hotter, making it perfect for swimming, pedaloing, stand-up paddleboarding, and beginner surfing. If viable, pick out lodging that is near the seashore by way of foot to avoid standing in visitors in August.

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