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Nba youngboy net worth carear Personal life


What is YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s Net Worth?

nba youngboy net worth is changes with time to time.

NBA YoungBoy,he got composing by lcuk with networth 10million$,he never broke again.six mix tapes was released by his own between 2015 to 2017, which makes him public notice for the very first time.

His breakthrough release came with the song “Outside Today” from his debut album “Until Death Call My Name”.

Building on this success, he achieved greater fame in 2019 with the hit song “Bandit” and the album “Al YoungBoy 2,” which secured the top spot on the charts..

Early Life and Career Beginnings

In 1999, Kentrell DeSean, known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again,born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

His grandmother lookafter him after his father’s extended imprisonment. Gaulden endured a neck injury during a playful childhood wrestling match.

leading to the need for a head brace that left noticeable scars on his forehead for life.

After a conviction for a youthful robbery and time spent in a facility in Tallulah, Louisiana, he started to writing songs. Following his grandmother’s passing upon his release.

Gaulden moved in with his friend and fellow rapper NBA 3Three, engaging in unlawful activities to fund their studio sessions.”Al YoungBoy,” “Until Death Call My Name,” and More Mixtapes.

Gaulden’s most recent mixtape

“Al YoungBoy,” Gaulden’s most recent mixtape, was made available in August 2017. It was after the premiere of his star-studded music video for the song “41.”

He had his greatest level of success to date with his mixtape.

which peaked at number 24 on the Billboard 200 and laid the foundation for the songs “Untouchable” and “No Smoke.”

Later in the year, his single “Outside Today” became even more well-known and peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Until Death Call My Name

Soon after, Gaulden published “Until Death Call My Name,” his debut studio album, which shot to the seventh spot in the Billboard 200 rankings very rapidly.

During the same year, Gaulden also unveiled a fresh mixtape titled “Master the Day of Judgement.

During that summer, he unveiled four EPs, each containing four tracks. Subsequently, he released two more mixtapes, “Decided” and “Realer.”

For his frequent and distinctive releases on YouTube. Gaulden was acknowledged as one of the platform’s Top Music Artists by January 2019.

Early Life

Kentrell DeSean was born in 1999,october 20 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Gaulden had to use a temporary head brace for a spell after injured his neck as a youngster.His forehead has three permanent scars from the brace.

Gaulden’s father received a 55-year prison sentence after the baby was born.His maternal grandmother raised him after that.


NBA YoungBoy started making music at the age of 14 and released his debut mixtape,before his Fame, in 2015, nba youngboy net worth .

His fifth mixtape in 2016,baby38, aroused Kevin Gates and Boosie Badazz’s curiosity, which helped him gain notoriety.

YoungBoy was apprehended later that year on allegations of attempted first-degree murder during a drive-by.

Fortunately, this didn’t hold him back, and while in jail he released the mixtapes Before I Go and Mind of a Menace 3.

An Established Rapper

In 2019, NBA YoungBoy was awarded as the top music artist on youtube and rated ninth in Billboard’s Mid-Year Sales rankings.

“after house arrest for 14 months, he released ‘Bandit’ starring Juice WRLD in October. which stay in the top ten on the Hot 200 list.

After his album being successful, he released the mixtape AI YoungBoy 2 in the same month. which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 list.

Still Flexin, Still Steppin

By February 2020, his mixtape ‘Still Flexin, Still Steppin’, the second highest-charting project he had released, claimed the top position on the music charts.”

YoungBoy released his second studio album, Top, in August 2020, and it made him the first rapper in history to have three no. 1 albums in six months.

He then released his fourth solo project called Until I Return, which was released exclusively on YouTube and then on streaming services three days later.

YoungBoy’s Recent Work

NBA While he was jailed in 2021, YoungBoy released his third studio album, which also debuted at number one.

YoungBoy began releasing singles in November following his release from incarceration in October. These included the songs “Heart and Soul” and “Blackball.”

YoungBoy made fun of King Von and NLE Choppa on the songs “Bring the Hook” and “Know Like I Know” from his mixtape Colors, which was released in 2022.

Release of his fourth album

After the release of his fourth album, The Last Slimeto, in August, he departed from Atlantic Records, even though the label offered him a $25 million contract renewal.

He then published the collection album Lost Files after inking a joint venture agreement with Motown Records and his label Never Broke Again in October.

January 2023 saw the release of YoungBoy’s fifth album, I Rest My Case, which served as his debut release under the Motown contract.

Playboi Carti gave him an Opium chain in June, and the two made an announcement about their joint album, 004KT.

YounBoy was the second most streamed artist overall and the most streamed rapper on YouTube by the end of the year.

nba youngboy net worth 2023

YoungBoy’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $6 million to $8 million based on current estimates.

NBA YoungBoy’s income is largely derived from YouTube, digital streaming, touring, and music sales.

The gain in wealth is comparable to YoungBoy’s ascent from local musician in Baton Rouge to international rap star.

NBA YoungBoy Turns Down $25 Million

The rapper allegedly signed a massive record contract with a leading label that increase his net worth overnight.

The rapper is currently signed to Atlantic Records, but according to industry insiders. he doesn’t want to renew his contract with the label when it finishes in 2022.

YoungBoy regret $25 million to renew his contract with Atlantic Records.

it makes many people in the industry wondering why NBA YoungBoy decided to take this approach to his music business.

DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks posted the story on social media, stating the following.

“NBA YoungBoy is leaving. He will not be re-signing. He didn’t like their offers. I can tell you they offered him like $25 million, and he turned it down. He doesn’t want it. He’s good.”

DJ Akademiks said, “he not like money.” He no longer desires to be signed to an Atlantic record contract. He want total freedom. His goal is to be self-sufficient. He desires to pursue his interests.

YoungBoy rejected the agreement

NBA Although sources close to the rapper suggest that YoungBoy rejected the agreement. because he thought the conditions were unfavorable.

the rapper has not confirmed his choice to the media. Rather than being a friend, he views Atlantic Records as an opponent of his money and career.

The rapper thinks that by releasing his songs independently.

he can make far more money than the $25 million that Atlantic is offering.

In February 2022, YoungBoy took to social media to air his grievances with Atlantic.

“Don’t sign to Atlantic unless you want to be a slave. I repeat, don’t.” The rapper accused the label of blackballing him in the past due to his criminal activity and lengthy rap sheet.



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