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Morkie Dog Breed Information & Characteristics


A well-known dog breed created by crossing the Maltese and Yorkshire terriers is the Morkie. Find out more about the little, lovable, and determined Morkie.

Morkie Overview

PET HEIGHT 7 to 9 inches
PET WEIGHT 5 to 7 pounds
LIFESPAN 12 to 15 years
GOOD WITH children, families, seniors
TEMPERAMENT anxious, friendly, outgoing, playful
VOCAL LEVEL frequent
BREED SIZE small (0-25 lbs.)
COLORS black, blue, brown / chocolate / liver, cream, fawn, gold / yellow, gray, white
PATTERNS bicolor, black and tan, blue and tan, liver and tan, tricolor
OTHER TRAITS apartment-friendly, easy to groom, good for first-time pet owners, highly territorial, hypoallergenic, strong loyalty tendencies

People love the Yorkshire terrier, and they love the Maltese, so it’s simplest natural they could need to mix the two for a combined breed that has the fluff and wonder of a Maltese and the verve and coloring of a Yorkie. Universe, meet the Morkie.

Like their determine breeds, morkie puppies are small, lively toy puppies who love their households. Because they can be vocal approximately unusual people, they also make correct alarm systems, alerting their proprietors to a person strolling up to the door with a pointy bark. Caring for a Morkie is quite sincere: Consistent, fantastic reinforcement education, a mild amount of everyday exercise, and ordinary grooming. The Morkie coat, at the same time as commonly long, is often kept in a brief domestic dog cut. Morkies are low-losing and taken into consideration to be a low-allergen canine. And at the same time as no dog is certainly hypoallergenic, Morkies can be a terrific fit for individuals who have a tendency to sniffle around puppies.

Though they’re every so often compared to the Maltipoo, which is a poodle and Maltese mix, there are multiple key variations among these two hybrids: Maltipoos are usually a little larger than Morkies and will also have a curlier coat, way to their poodle parent.

Like among the new “designer breeds,” there may be now not numerous records or records kept at the Morkie, but anecdotally at the least, their popularity has skyrocketed inside the ultimate decade or so. They’ve even been visible out and about with celebrities along with Miley Cyrus and Steven Tyler.

morkie poo
morkie poo


Remember that Morkies are a hybrid breed, thus variances in size and look are always possible. But the Morkie is a little dog, standing between 7 and 9 inches height and weighing between 5 and 7 pounds, just like the Maltese and Yorkshire terriers.

The coloration of Morkies is typically inherited from their Yorkshire terrier father. They may be yellow, white, brown, or black. Their ears can be floppy like a Maltese or pointed like a Yorkie. Their coats are often long, though many Morkie owners have their pets cropped short.

Morkies have little black gumdrop noses and small, brilliant, dark eyes that glitter with curiosity, especially if you happen to be holding anything tasty. They are aware of how gorgeous they are.


As a result of inherited temperaments from their Maltese parents, Morkies are typically calmer and more lapdog-like than Yorkies, according to Patrick Henry, a breeder of Yorkshire terriers and Maltese since 2002. The past ten years have been spent breeding Morkies by him. “That being said, you can get a Morkie that might be a little bit more vocal than others and take on more characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier,” according to him.

Because of this vocal tendency, they may be quick to alert you to unexpected sounds or human beings. Barking is likewise a trait you can paintings on schooling your canine to keep away from while useless, mainly if you may placed inside the time from the moment you bring your Morkie pup domestic.

Like both mother and father, Morkies are energetic doggies with large personalities who love playtime and zooming across the yard. Yorkshire terriers have been bred as rodent hunters, so Morkies can inherit a tenacious, athletic streak from that side in their heritage. And from the Maltese, which had been bred as companions for thousands of years, Morkies get a bent for loyalty and affection.

“They genuinely like to simply have one character that they are attached to,” says Irith Bloom, a certified canine trainer, board member at the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and Daily Paws Advisory Board member. “Both the Maltese and the Yorkie, they will generally tend to pick someone. So a Morkie is also possibly to have that trait where they bond to Mom and that they don’t care approximately Dad or they don’t care approximately the youngsters.”

morkie puppies for sale near me
morkie puppies for sale near me

Living Needs

Morkies could make outstanding apartment dogs, as long as you manipulate any tendencies towards separation anxiety and barking. While lively, they don’t require a yard to get the exercise they want, as long as they have space indoors to play and lots of toys for intellectual stimulation.

Morkies can get along side youngsters (in particular at some point of playtime), but small youngsters ought to be trained the way to treat puppies lightly. They additionally typically get at the side of different puppies, even though usually supervise playtime with new canine pals. Morkies are small and can be by accident injured with the aid of overzealous roughhousing.

As for companions, they are pretty flexible as long as their households can supply them plenty of interest and playtime. Active seniors who can take them on walks are super Morkie proprietors, as Morkies love all-day interest and generally tend to bond to a number one caregiver. College college students with flexible schedules who can come domestic inside the center of the day can also make a outstanding Morkie mom or dad.


The Morkie’s grooming wishes are not difficult, but they do require ordinary renovation, mainly if you’re keeping their coat long. Brush their coats every day to save you their hair from matting and to do away with any particles. Give them a tub each week or so, and if hair is falling into your Morkie’s eyes, tie it up or pin it again to keep away from eye infection (bonus factors in case you use an additional-lovely hair accessory).

That being stated, there is a grooming shortcut. “From our experience, maximum customers keep them what they call a doggy reduce, which is largely only a shorter hair coat,” Henry says. “And that manner they do not ought to pretty try this every day grooming like you will if you desired the long flowing coat, like you will see like in a display canine.”

Like any small, lively canine, the Morkie doesn’t need huge amounts of area, however she does want stimulation. Take her on one or daily walks, play tug of battle, or play fetch with her. Morkies with a specifically Yorkshire terrier-leaning persona may additionally experience dog sports inclusive of obedience or agility.

It can be beneficial to plan for some separation anxiety because the Morkie does have a tendency to cling extremely tightly to her people—or frequently, just one person. “For a dog where you’re particularly concerned that they might have home alone issues, start training them right away that small periods of time away from you are okay,” advises Bloom. Bloom advises starting small with her training. Begin by demonstrating to them that it’s acceptable to be out of sight for 30 seconds, then a minute, and so on.

When training a Morkie with barking dispositions, it’s specifically crucial to stay consistent. “If the canine is barking at you to get stuff, do not provide in, because after you deliver in as soon as, they will keep doing that forever,” Bloom cautions.

She recommends beginning by way of stopping the canine from listening to the barking triggers in the first place by using using a white noise machine. The second issue she does is gently (with out scolding) eliminate the dog from the place wherein they’re hearing the noise. And her 1/3 tip is to truely avoid giving in if the canine is using barking to get some thing, whether or not that is a toy or a meals bowl. “If they desired the food bowl, you put the food bowl away,” she says. “If they wanted the toy, you placed the toy away.”


The average longevity of a Morkie is 12 to 15 years, which is longer than that of many other toy breeds. According to the belief that mixed-breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs because they do not inherit as many recessive genetic illnesses, they can display hybrid vigor. However, just like with all dogs, you should deal with trustworthy breeders who check the parents for frequent genetic illnesses before breeding them if you want to guarantee genetic health.

Some significant warning signs to be aware of when searching for a Morkie or other mixed breed of dog. Watch out for breeders who:

  • Are offering several hybrid breed variants for sale
  • Are obnoxious or attempt to instill a feeling of urgency
  • lack authenticated health certifications for their dogs
  • refuses to let you see the parent dogs, or offers to ship you a puppy, or sends puppies home too soon

Keep an eye out for the symptoms of luxating patella, also known as slip knee, in Maltese and Yorkie breeds. These can be corrected surgically. A congenital disorder known as hepatic shunt, in which the liver malfunctions and toxins accumulate, is significantly more common in Maltese and Yorkshire terriers than in other breeds. The runt of the litter is frequently impacted by this problem. Make sure the parents of your puppy have had bile tests to rule out the issue.

Because dental problems can also affect small dogs, it’s important to regularly brush your Morkie’s teeth using dog toothpaste to maintain their healthy teeth.


Mixed breeds were round as long as there were dogs, however it became around the Eighties and Nineties that “fashion designer dogs”—precise mixes among popular breeds—surely won reputation. Anecdotally, breeders and trainers say the Morkie has end up particularly popular in the closing decade or so. Morkies are every so often additionally called the “Morkshire terrier.”

Despite the relative newness of the Morkie, their parents’ history is going way, way returned. The Maltese is simply an historical breed relationship lower back to pre-Greek instances when the island of Malta become dominated by using the Phoenecians. Aristotle even mentioned the canine as “best in its small size.” The Maltese changed into a popular lap canine and associate to the Roman aristocracy. After the autumn of Rome, Chinese breeders saved the Maltese from going extinct. They introduced some refining functions, and by the point the Maltese returned to Europe, they have become hugely famous at dog suggests and among the gentry.

In the meantime, Scottish weavers who migrated to northern England in the 1800s produced the Yorkshire terrier in—you got it—Yorkshire, England. According to the Yorkie Info Center, they were initially bred to hunt down mice and were highly valued for their persistence and capacity to squeeze into small areas. When Yorkies began to compete in dog exhibitions in the late 1800s, they gained popularity as fashion accessories and were often used as ladies’ lapdogs. The American Kennel Club welcomed the Yorkshire terrier to the country in 1885 when it was imported.

Morkie puppies for sale

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Fun Facts

  • Celebrities have a fondness for Morkies. In 2011, Drake received a puppy Morkie. The Sundance Kid is the Morkie owned by rocker Steven Tyler. Lila, Miley Cyrus’s Morkie, sadly passed away in 2012.
  • And there are lots of Morkies who are famous on Instagram. Little Leo wears a variety of lovely clothing and has perky ears. Stella is a charming little puppy that exemplifies the tawny-gold color of Morkies. And in addition to being well-known on Instagram, Tucker works as a therapy dog for kids!

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